• Africans must understand that in order to liberate itself, its people must educate themselves about Africa. In other words, we must teach ourselves about our continent, we must teach our selves about where we are coming from (our past), how we got to where we are (our present) and about where we are going to and the potential of Africa (our future), most importantly, we must teach ourselves about ourselves (our people). 
  • Africans must know that the birth place of all of mankind is Africa. Possibly the birth place of all things both living and non-living. What this means is that Africa is the origin of the world and the origin of mankind. Origin means Original so in other words, Africa is the original place of existence. I believe that Africa must have been the best place to exist in the beginning of time but whether it is the best place to exist today is open to debate and will be dependent on individual view of Africa. 
  • Africans must also know that Africa is geographically located in the center of the earth. What I mean to say is that Africa occupies the earth’s core position. Can this be a coincidence? Basic science tells us that the center is usually the pivot point, the stamina and the focus. Life in my view is divided into two parts, the spiritual and the material life. Africa is the spiritual and material center of the earth, and this brings about one of the most important responsibility because no matter how far and wide making travels across the surface of the earth, it’s center must still hold. 
  • Africans need to know that approximately one third of the earth’s natural resources are in Africa. As I have already mentioned above, it would make sense now for any one reading this to relate to the fact that the geographical center of the earth is where most and all types of natural resources are situated. Isn’t it interesting to think that the creator of existence needed a home for all of its natural resources (including human resources) and decided that Africa will serve as its place of safe keeping? Some critics say that Africa’s resources has been more of a curse than a blessing. I choose to say it is a blessing and it is no more a blessing in disguise.
  • Africans must know that the only way forward is to develop and improve its own. What do I mean? We must develop and improve our own things. Improve on our own food, develop our own talent and people, develop our own models of solving problems (especially those models that have worked, we must strive to improve them). Most importantly, Africans  must develop and improves its own spirituality, materialism, science and its own arts. 

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