Man & Nature

Diversity is Golden

Fruits are born naturally onto the earth for man’s use. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. The tastes also varies from one fruit to another, with every fruit having their own distinct taste. Fruits also have different functions and roles they play in our lives. Medicine has proven over the years that some fruits provide the body with vitamins, minerals and calcium. All of which are very vital in propelling blood vessels and building strong bones e.t.c. But after all the above has been said, no matter how sweet a fruit is, it is never liked by everyone. This does not mean the fruit is not good for the body or that it doesn’t taste great. It only indicates that the human preference is in play because of our differences and that diversity is a natural element and not a manmade consequence. .. 

The woman is an absolute comparison to a fruit in some of the ways I have described above. She is blessed with the most natural beauties and created by the supreme being to beautify the earth and to support all of mankind in every way. I sincerely hope my female readers will pardon me and understand that my extensive description and comparison of the woman comes from a place of respect and love. The woman comes in various shapes, sizes, colors and they function in various ways. In comparison to fruits and based on a little research and some guess work, I would assume they would taste differently if they were to be tasted by the taste buds. The woman also functions in different ways and are helpful in various aspects of life depending on capacity, knowledge and natural endowments embedded in them by the almighty.

Like the popular saying.. “one man’s meat is another man’s poison, we cannot all appreciate the functions of women in the same way. She could be very good to the eye of everyone just like the apple but might not taste good in everyone’s mouth just like the grape. Just like fruits are born onto the earth for a purpose, every woman no matter who they are or where they are from all have a purpose. A purpose that will only reach its maximum potential and a purpose that will be fulfilled by anyone who seeks it and does seek it for truth. Just like I pointed out earlier about the fruits, everything nature has brought to us (both living and non-living) can be appreciated in good ways but does not have to be liked by all and cannot be liked by all. 

The diversity of nature is not by chance or by mistake. It is planned by the creator of the world. The differences are not to be used for bad or used to create any form of segregation. The differences should be embraced and diversity should be seen as fun and a way for every mankind to use that diversity to play their own role as a part of the big picture of the world. Whether it is culture, religion, race, taste e.t.c, diversity is strength and never a weakness. 

In conclusion, just like the trees will never wage a war on one another in the forest no matter how close they cohabit or how different the fruit they produce are, we should always embrace peace with every human whether man or woman no matter the differences be it inborn or inherent.. 

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