We do not see it, but we all need to have it. It is faith. Faith in the positive, faith that our lives will go smoothly, faith in the day of reckoning, faith in ourselves, and most especially, faith in the almighty.

Having faith could be enough to take an individual to greater heights with the belief that we have the almighty’s backing through the trials. It is well known that people who have faith in what they do, tend to excel over those who do not; be it their work, education, and in relationships with friends, family, and the creator. Automatically, the lesser faith we have in ourselves or the things we do, the more difficult it is to rise above those things, and the more likely it is for us to fail in them. On the other hand, faith is something the optimist carries around with him in his pockets. He makes sure faith isn’t left behind while performing his daily duties. The optimist knows that having more faith in himself and his abilities could signify the difference between him and the other man who possesses the same qualities and characteristics as him, but with lesser faith in what he does. Having more faith is like having more life.

Building our faith in a manner channelled to add positively to our own successes and endeavours such as work, school, relationship, business etc. is very vital. No man knows or sees tomorrow from today, and truly, nothing ever promises tomorrow from today. With this, it is very common to recognize the presence of the faith in us from the beginning of our time. Sometimes, we wait for tomorrow and have faith that we will get paid for the efforts we put in today. At other times, we take the time to believe and have faith that our dealings, whether in business or relationships, yield our own projected results. Lovers also have faith that the tomorrow of their relationship with one another will yield a positive result, such as a result leading to a consummation.

Faith is a very key factor/ingredient in our journey through life. Most times, the level of faith determines the level of success. This sentence will not be valid without acknowledging the fact that something called destiny exists, which could turn the hands of time. Even still, our level of faith goes a long way for sure.
I will point out hard work and knowledge here as two special ingredients that will help to increase the level of faith we have in the things we do, what we are involved in, and the level of belief that we will not stray or fail. In the case of our relationships with friends, family, and the opposite sex as an example, knowledge of the people (i.e getting to know some more about them) and putting in extra hard work will increase, build and develop our faith in others, which is vital to long-term success of a relationship. Also, our faith in the creator, and our faith in the good of the unknown of tomorrow in life, grows with knowledge of our creator and environment, coupled with hard work towards seeking these knowledge. In saying this, I will implore that “the level of faith we have in what we do, is directly proportional to the level of hard work and knowledge we are willing to put in, and vice versa, provided we work hard doing the right things to achieve our results“. B. Olaniran.

The importance of having faith in ourselves can never be over-emphasized in our world today. So many things have been accomplished by men/women before us, but we keep having faith that some more accomplishments will unfold through us and in the unborn generations to come. A child born into a particular religious faith, has faith in the doctrines and practices of their religion, and lives according to these doctrines and practices with faith that they will get the best out of their practices. Surely, this faith isn’t built in one day, it is built over time and must be developed and strengthened. This child must develop and strengthen their faith by regularly reading the holy books, trying to acquire more knowledge, and also attending religious services, while putting in hard work to help build and strengthen the faith. With a little input, we can develop our faith and achieve greater output than the man with lesser faith.

We need to build our faith, develop it, and really strengthen it. It is never enough to have faith alone and expect it to move mountains on its own. Every one of us is equipped with the same levels of faith in ourselves, our capabilities, and in our creator the almighty, but the difference between the man with more faith and other men is the ability to develop and strengthen his own faith through hard work, knowledge, and importantly, the will to build on his faith from the inside of himself.

Our faith in the things we do is like a seed. It will grow or get destroyed (ie Faith could become weaker) depending on how we want it. The seed of faith should be planted in loamy soil, should be watered, and should be exposed to sunlight, and somehow, the gains of germination will be reaped. So also is the faith which has been planted in us by the creator. Let’s water our faith with hard work and expose it to the acquisition of more knowledge, and eventually, the true gains of having faith will manifest.

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