Family: Basic unit of truth in the existence of humans

A good Friday evening to you.

I have been on a break off writing here due to the Sallah holiday weekend and the two days holiday afterwards. Spending time with family is one of the highlights of the holidays for many people like me. I somehow even found a way to extend mine for a few more days. Sometimes we get caught up in our daily activities and we forget to take some time out to reflect on things and chill. It’s like planning and control. We plan ahead for the future and stay in control by taking a chill and looking back at things. Other times, the holidays slow things down and make us feel redundant, although, even a running non-living mechanism gets to slow down too, if not for anything else, at least for its maintenance, for a more efficient and sustainable performance in the future.

I got my own fair share of maintenance over the holidays from relaxing and sharing some time with my folks, listening to past occurrences and experiences. We often hear that experience is the best teacher, we hear also, that learning from the experiences of others in one day, can save the stress of a decade. Verily, the only way we can truly benefit from learning from the experiences of others is when the honest truths about their experiences are shared with us.

For me, the family is a basic unit of truth in the existence of humans. Although, this is subject to other factors that could mar the credibility of some people amongst the basic family unit. After all, what does a family gain from hiding the reality of things from its members, if in its real sense and definition, they are truly a family. I will also not leave out the fact that similar approaches could bring forth different results, and there could be more than one truth attached to a particular situation, depending on the peculiar nature of such circumstances. This could sometimes cause chaos or dilemma in figuring out which of the truths to stick to, especially when the various truths come from this same family unit. From a neutral point of view, I believe that this is where the individual plays their own part and decides on which truth would work for them, depending on the mental, physical, and futuristic values they have attached to their wants or needs, as the situation may be.

The essence of truth that comes out of a good family can never be over-emphasized, be it the family we were born into or the family we intend giving birth to. A lot of people spend their lives and never get the feel of either of the two kinds of families described above, before going six feet below the ground. Some people get the benefit of family they are born into and because of reasons only known to them, decide not to give rise to theirs, while others do not get that privilege of being born into a good family or into a family at all, but seek making out a family for themselves in the future. Either way, as scarce as unconditional love is, it’s easily seen, felt, given, and received in this family unit.

Lastly, the small unit of a family can set a precedence for a large group which is even broader than an extended family. I believe that if the next man here learns to see me as their brother instead of a stranger or anything else, it would promote more peace and stability amongst people which automatically promotes peace and stability amongst nations. As we all know, conflicts amongst nations results from conflicts amongst people, and although not as easy as it could be written or said, if we can all see one another as a family bound by truth, peace and stability, our hearts as humans can begin to recuperate again. Just like they say, whether you are African, Asian, American, Latino e.t.c, we are all family if traced back to our roots, as we are all distant relatives. It’s easier said but at least we can keep reminding ourselves and see where it leads us.

What’s a tree without roots, a lion without tooth, or a teaching without truth?


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