The "Apple" Experience


It was a very chilled Sunday evening on the streets of Lagos Nigeria. It had been raining all afternoon and the evening was cooler, calmer and more serene than it would have usually been. Kane looked at his time, it was 6.35pm. He had been indoors all day spending his Sunday in the usual relaxing way as he made plans for his new week. He remembered suddenly he needed to get some materials for his art class the next day. He checked for the time again and realized he had to get to the mall before it closed. 
Kane picked up his car keys and set out quickly. He got to the mall right in the nick of time, bought the brushes and left the the mall almost immediately. He drove off from the mall’s parking lot with daft punk’s song “get lucky” bumping out through the speakers of his car. 

It usually took about 7mins to Kane’s place from the mall. After driving about 2 minutes approximately, he approached the traffic light and was compelled to a compulsory stop by the red light. While waiting for the green light, something caught his eye on the side walk of the road. I mean someone caught his attention actually. Lol. Dark in completion, she had the look and body of a mini goddess. Her steps where fast but her catwalk was moderate. She had her bag clutched in her hands and it is quite obvious she is on hurry to a place unknown to Kane. 

The traffic light turned from orange to green. Kane hit his gear and throttled off slowly. He couldn’t get the beauty his eyes had seen out of his head. He drove towards her and put his car to a halt right beside her. He asked her to stop for a minute and she had that surprise look on her face. Kane opened his door, came out from his car and turned around to speak with her. She looked at him as he approached her, his look threw her off in a positive way. ‘Hmmm’ she told herself. He’s a pretty boy. 
He walked towards her and said.

Kane: Hi there. Ermmm, I am not sure if I should be doing this but I would love to get acquainted with you. My name is Kane. What’s your name? 

Apple looked at him with some amazement reflecting from underneath her eye brows. Wondering what he was up to, she responded. 

Apple: you scared me you know. 

Kane cuts in 
Kane: I’m sorry if I did that. 
Apple: that’s fine. My name is Apple and nice meeting you Kane. I am actually on my way back to my hostel and would like to be in as early as possible. So if you would permit me, I’d like to leave. 

She took her eyes off Kane for a second and back on him again. He had such distinct facial features and a part of her gave her this feeling that she could be in for some form of trouble. 

Kane smiled. 
Kane: I understand you are in a rush. Where do you school? I attend the Uni here. 
Apple: same here. 
Kane: wow. Never seen you before. I only came out to the mall to get some materials for my painting class and I’m approaching the school too in order to use the ATM machine. Kindly permit me to be your chauffeur and drop you off. Please. 
Apple: Hmmm. Ok. You sound friendly. That would be fine she said with a smile. 

Kane smiled back. He opened the door to the passenger side of his car for Apple to get in. She whispered a silent thank you as she got into the car. Kane shut the car door gently and strolled back to his side of the car with a smile. “Her face goes perfectly with her body”, he thought to himself. 
Kane got into the car and hit his gear. Apple had changed his plans of going straight home but he strongly believed this was for a good course. The school was a 15mins drive and he drove off gently. 
Kane kept glancing at Apple at every opportunity he got to keep his eyes off the road. They were silent for about 50seconds and then he said. 

Kane: so what do you study? 
Apple: accounting 
Kane: wow that’s cool. I’m sure you are prudent with money. I would not have to worry much he said with a laugh.  
Apple: yea I enjoy accounting. It’s always been my passion from my secondary school days. Actually I am returning from an ICAN class before you stopped me.
Kane: that’s nice. I’m sorry I interrupted your flow. 

Apple cuts in 
Apple: it’s fine. It’s a change for the day. I had a long day. More so today is my birthday.
Kane: oh really? Happy birthday to you Apple. I wish I had known earlier than now. Allow me to present myself as a birthday gift to you. He added with a smile
Apple: you are funny. Today has been somehow. It’s been my slowest birthday. But it’s fine. 
Kane: Can I buy you dinner at least please. I would like to do something for you on your special day. 
Apple: Ermmm. You sound like a guy who knows how to have his way. It’s ok but we need to do that quickly. 

Kane smiled again. He drove off to an eatery close by. He parked and they both stepped out of his car and walked in. He bought her just about anything she wanted and also bought her some food and ice cream for her friends. Apple wondered why a guy she has barely spent 30mins with was being so nice. Oh well he is polite and also pretty for a guy, she thought. 

Kane and Apple stepped out of the eatery and back into his car. Just before zooming off, Kane received a phone call from his friend Joe briefly. Kane told Apple he had to stop by at his apartment briefly because his friend Joe had asked his driver to drop off some clothes from the dry cleaners for Kane. The driver was waiting at the apartment so he asked Apple to get home first quickly before dropping her off. Apple agreed. After all she didn’t have anything to occupy her that evening. He drove slowly to his apartment and they both enjoyed the music that played on their way. 

Kane drove into his apartment compound. On getting there, the driver had left. The driver had left briefly after he met no one at Kane’s place. Kane decided to wait in his apartment upstairs after Joe called him to notify that the driver was on his way back. He asked Apple to come in with him so he doesn’t leave in the car all alone since she was visiting for the first time. Apple stepped out of the car and took their ice cream along with her. 

Immediately they got into Kane’s place, Joe’s driver knocked at the front door. Kane took the clothes and handed over some money to him. He shut the door and walked into his room to drop off the clothes. Apple sat on the couch in the living room, toying around with the small ice cream spoon as she licked sincerely. Kane came out again to the living room. He looked at Apple and imagined how beautiful she looked. All of this wasn’t planned or expected. He sat close to Apple and started with the other cup of ice cream. He picked up the remote control and switched the TV on. He then said to her.

Kane: I hope you like the ice cream? You can relax some and once you are ready to leave, we can go. 
Apple: okay Kane. 

Apple looked at Kane again. Now he was closer to her than they were in the car. It was obvious he smelt good. Their eyes met once, twice and then it met again. It felt like they were feeling the same things or are having the same intentions. 
Apple got up with her ice cream still in her hands. She sat quietly on Kane’s lap and started out whispering a few words into Kane’s ears…

Share your thoughts from your humble point of view with me:

“what do you think Apple did to Kane next”? or lets rephrase “what do you think Kane did to Apple next”?

Thank you for reading. 


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