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        TundeSpeaks seeks to pick a little bit of everything/anything and too much of nothing.  My passion to have a hold on a hand full of everything surrounding our existence as human beings has given rise to the birth of TundeSpeaks.  I believe one learns more while imparting knowledge. Imparting knowledge should be a natural process of interaction between people either in two’s or in groups, however the case may be. I believe it is a give and take process.  My interests range from human relationships, friendships, nature, history, romance, sports, gambling, human mental education, science, parenting, true life experiences and the everyday street life exchanges in my city (Gidi)..
TundeSpeaks will speak the thoughts of an individual who believes that “no matter how difficult a situation is, one doesn’t seek solutions by going to the heavens. the solutions are here on earth with us.
While thinking of what to include in my first post, I was hesitant as to what to start with and where to start from. Suddenly, the voice of the good whispered to me and said ” the time is now. if you wait until tomorrow, you will be another day older”.
On this bright first work day of the week,  My minds alarm rings and my eyes open slowly to the sunrise of the new day, the new week.  As usual, I jump out of bed almost immediately but only after I had said my morning prayers to the best of my knowledge, asking the creator for the day’s special protection.  I open the windows in my room so I can have the sunlight and sun rays come in (One of my favorite parts of the early morning).  I feel the smile on my lips as I look outside to see the beautiful greens of nature depicted on the trees and the subtle vegetation. Suddenly I am reminded of how great our creator is. I slowly approach the table where I have my pen and pad, my laptop, herbs, e.t.c. I slumped into the brown chair beside the table.  Within seconds, my thoughts wondered. My intention is to pick up my pen and make schedule of the day’s tasks ahead.. And Yes  I did pick up my pen.  I also picked up my spark and I sparked just to get the brain started for the day.  The first spark changes the view immediately. I remembered the natures greens I saw out the sunlight again.. The trees. The uniformity. The love. I immediately knew that the true nature of my being falls passionately in love with the trees and other living things just because it is natural.  Slowly but cautiously, my mind wonders away and here were my thoughts for the next ” I don’t know minutes “. In this world, time doesn’t count and nothing does seem to count.
“We humans could be related in a special way to the trees. The tree in its early stages gets planted in the soil and it bares the roots of the tree. The essence of the human ROOTS. The oldest part of the trees are its roots. At some point, the tree grows its stem, and produces leaves and fruits of choice. Depending on seasonal changes especially as viewed in my part of the world, the tree sheds its leaves just after the rain before the dry season begins.  Noticeably, the leaves get dried up, changes its sweet green color and eventually falls off one after the other. Sometimes the leaves fall off in groups.  After some time, the leaves begin to grow again coming out with the same ever bright green beauty and they blossom again.. This process repeats itself on and on and season after season depending on the type of tree. As long as the root remains not uprooted or tampered with, the tree promises constant and continuous growth of its leaves life span after life span.  We do not see the roots but without them, the beauty of the greenery of nature which we appreciate as humans will never be born.”
Still emphasizing the essence of our ROOTS.
” In relation to the human interpretation for the tree as above, The roots of the tree represents our ROOTS, where we belong, our race, our culture. Our ROOTS bore us and we humans are the leaves that blossom off our own ROOTS. Our best nature and beauty only comes out from our own ROOTS just like the leaves blossom right from their roots. The stem of the tree could be likened to the community and the branches could be likened to the family circles. We humans (i.e the leaves) are the products of the families (i.e the branches). We blossom according to our life span, just as the leaves do.  The leaves dry up ( the human gets old), the leaves change color ( the human gets frail) and eventually falls off ( the human eventually dies).  Season after season, the new leaves spring up because the ROOT still remains and the new off-springs blossom again bringing out the best in our beauty straight from our ROOTS.  Our ROOTS define us in our best natural form and it occurred to me that possibly the closest we could get to our creator once again is through our ROOTS.
……….. I suddenly realize I have wondered right into my own world and trying to connect with my own being. This is a little something to take your mind off the stress of the quick week and see the beauty and uniqueness in our own ROOTS whatever the color may be..  I flip my pad and continue with scheduling my day.
Till Next Time…

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