Man & Nature


Whilst on a road trip with some friends this weekend, I felt a certain level of joy as I gazed at the beautiful surroundings and the things nature blesses our eyes with.. I also realized how similar humans and nature are with regards to our oneness and how all our differences find a way of leading us to one same place, path, direction and only one creator.. I will illustrate this by describing some analogies between nature and the things we see around us every day.. So here we go…

Whenever we look onto the sky no matter where we find ourselves, it’s only one cloud everywhere we go. The skies are pretty the same everywhere no matter what color they change into or appear to be.. These are Indications of oneness, one creator and one human being in existence.. 

Looking from natures broader view, trees are only of one kind. Although leaves could vary in color, the stems could vary in length and the uses/purposes also vary. The real truth is that trees only exist in one pattern and style wherever it is on the earth’s surface.. It’s the same tree and it composes of the root, the stem and the leaves.

Let’s also look at the oneness of the water bodies.. Just like the skies, the color of the water bodies varies from the Mediterranean, to the Atlantic and to the Indian Ocean.. The Earth’s water bodies are all interlinked and it’s all one body of water consisting of water bodies and aquatic creatures.. 

To buttress my point on the oneness of the human race which most of us talk about but have not realistically internalized. We have different colors, be it black, white, red or blue but we are all interlinked and made up the same components like our eyes, brain, hands, legs, hunger and thoughts. It’s only one kind of human and you can see it’s just one.

On this last note, whether you are a believer or not, we have only one creator. Though the world is characterized by various religions and believes, various traditions and whatever society or group we choose to call it, everyone worships and recognizes the existence of a supreme being. 

The lesson here is that we should unconditionally embrace the next person to us. No matter what they look like or what their color like. Always remember that the next man is just like you and the next man is just like him and the other man is like all of us..


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