Thought Poems


We travel first class to our respective offices; 

While the people are moving around running our errands; 

We move only in the direction of gains and with the quickest means possible; 

And we are the leaders

Now I understand why the people will keep saying it’s their money; 

The real embezzlement going on is their money; 

When the people ask us to direct their money; 

They are asking us to direct it to them not into our own pockets. 

To worsen things our wages are not paid adequately; 

We protest by skipping work and sometimes begin to vandalize our own properties;

What keeps us going every day are the things we have inside us and not those on the outside; 

Because the inside reflects on the outside and the outside is built on the inside. 

Without doubt self-education, information and good orientation must be instilled in our people;

It is paramount that education is designed to benefit our people;

Truly only these benefits will retain the longevity of our people;

And serve for the longevity of our people. 

Our leaders, our people, doing it together, will do it for us. 

Thank you for reading..

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