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In life, Every human being, be it a male or female expects to encounter good experiences and expects to face good circumstances. The man expects to have a good life, make good money and get married to the woman of choice. The woman on the other hand also expects to have the same things and maybe more in the world we live in today. 

I want to buttress this by citing an example of the human brain. The brain is the same, be it for a woman or a man. Therefore, I can categorically say that the male brain although working differently from the female brain, is made up of the same components and is practically the same in composition. What I mean is that the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the brain stem which are the three most important parts of the brain are the same; be it a man or a woman. Therefore, our brains (both male and female) are channeled towards wanting progress, wanting proceeds from our endeavours and despising failures and backwardness as much as our strength and challenges permit us. 

Agreeably, we have read a lot of excerpts that have backed the inequality of a man and a woman. So many things will back this fact up and one of such things would include the fact that the man is one who asks for the woman’s hand in marriage and decides who he wants to get married to. The man is also seen as the provider in majority of homes in our society and this also seals the earlier thought concerning the inequality of male and female. 

All this been said and known, I believe one thing can not be taken away from the human(male or female). The zeal and tendency to move forward in life; be it in the educational field, work field , family or relationship. The hope for the best in work , family and relationship. What I mean here will be explained by a simple quote as follows; “every human would move from position A to position B at any given convenient time so far position B proves more prospects than A both in the present and as envisioned for the future and also with B being in accordance with the norms of the society believable and acceptable to the human.. not forgetting every human has varying wants and needs” (B. Olaniran). 

Males sometimes tend to forget that the female has a functioning brain, mind and thought process of their own that is very unique to females individually. The same also goes when ideas vary from male to male whether they reside in the same society or not.  They are entitled to decision making and have total control of their own being, feelings and wants exactly the way the male has this entitlements. This is not to say that I am in support of the equality or inequality of male and female as the case could be. It is to say that men should always remember that decision making is an individual thing in cases of a relationship with the exception of marriage where we know togetherness is the key to its success. 

Well it’s a matter of ‘who does it best’ really. He (man) wants the best and she (woman) wants the best too. He has a relationship and expects the best from it and yes she does have a relationship and wants the best from it. He finds someone who he feels more and someone he believes is comprised of better traits, qualities and characteristics; he moves on to her. She finds someone who she feels more and can project a better future than her present, with better traits, qualities and characteristics; she moves on to him. 

I figured that the male most times expects the female to wait for him even while he is having fun and enjoying various escapades without her. The funny thing is that the brain feels good when fun is expected, anticipated and mostly participated in. Therefore, the fun escapades could be fun to the female also because the brains are comprised of similar components as mentioned earlier.  But it is easier to have a man break his woman’s heart by having other flings and the woman can’t do that.. How? 

This is not to undermine the man’s powers but to shed some light on how to get some of the results we want from these females in a relationship without forgetting that every one has the tendencies to move onto greener pastures as long as the surrounding situations at that moment support this decisions. 

The woman plays an important part of our life force. So lets never forget the individuality of the way the human brain works in a world where the female is also a special human.. 

Thanks for reading..

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