Key is Survival

Just as in all living things, the human mind is channeled towards surviving in our environment and amongst the people who we define as family, friends, or acquaintances, and the people who surround us. 

In this context, I would refer to survival as the ability of human beings to surpass every obstacle or problem we encounter, which may arise from circumstances within our control or those beyond our control. Circumstances within our control refer to the changes we can effect on our lives from our immediate environment. These circumstances also refer to the changes we can effect on ourselves by our relationship with people, be it physical, emotional, mental or sexual.

The circumstances beyond our control, which are also very vital in the survival process, always tend to be intangible. They include things such as our faith, religion, tradition etc. Here, the quest for survival balls down to our faith in the judgment day and the hope to surpass all unforeseen temptations of the devil in order to guarantee a secure place in paradise on the day of reckoning. These circumstances of survival beyond our control, also refer to how much we rely on the forces of the world beyond (ie the forces of goodwill and misfortune which we do not see and are assumed to exist in another realm) to help change situations which are unacceptable by our personal, moral, economic or societal standards. Some people call this “luck”. Whether good luck or ill luck, it determines our survival in a way outside of our own control.

Survival goes way beyond being able to get past immediate circumstances in a barely acceptable manner. Survival is also not about coping with ills and discomforts that surround us, and doing just better than the other. It is not about simply staying alive. No, not at all, it goes way beyond that.  The quality of our relationships with other people can also be related to survival. A parent wanting the best for his/her off-spring can be related to being in a survival phase. The indication here is that at every point of the offspring’s life path, through learning, school, and career, the parent feels some sort of relief as the offspring excels through various levels of life transformation while he/she transcends from one phase of life to the other. All things being equal, the parent survives this process and is filled with joy and accomplishment after surviving this phase. It is like investing through a time when there are inevitable risks surrounding the investment (the offspring in this case). The owner of the investment (the parent) remains in a state of potential survival until the time when the investment ‘breaks even’, and starts to yield profit off its own self. Eventually, the owner feels accomplished and has survived the time. Here we can see that the relationship between a parent and its offspring goes a long way through survival, until some sense of accomplishment is achieved by the parent.

The courtship of a male and a female can also be seen in terms of survival. Surviving the times through a relationship can be very tedious, stressful, and hurtful, depending on how well one or both parties involved can survive through the period of chaos and predicaments in the relationship. Most especially, both are usually involved in controlling emotions, feelings, etc. in the relationship, and enduring various things which all seem channelled towards straining the survival of the relationship. The guy survives meeting various females with qualities that differ from one person to another on his journey through life as a whole. The same goes for the girl too, and I am particularly pointing to relationships here. I have realized that both male and female end up weighing circumstances of various individuals they meet, in order to determine who best soothes the position they seek to be at a particular time, or sometime in the future. I am still referring to survival, because at some point, we are left to make decisions after surviving through the test of time, and meeting different people, weighing possibilities, positives, negatives, and all we have to. 

Eventually, one is able to survive through this decision making process, and decide who fits most and can give what one desires most. This doesn’t particularly mean material desires. It could be desires of the heart, emotions, or like they say, sometimes we find someone who gives something we can never find in any other person. For those who are able to survive through finding this true partner, its a privilege, and I am sure that a number of people will agree with me that the survival phase continues through marriage over the years, as we see in homes where the marriage has lasted for 2 to 3 decades and more.

“I would love to survive through this world and survive through the world after this one, if there is any”.. says a friend. Various religious manuals which have been in existence in the world before us, emphasize deeply on survival. How to survive in this world, what to do to survive, and what not to do. What to do while we are alive to guarantee our survival in our graves, and in the world beyond. The things we need to do and not do in order to survive the judgment of the day of resurrection etc. I can keep going on and on about how much we want to survive on earth and how much it impacts on our survival in the world beyond (Paradise). The techniques are endless.  We do not want to do wrong deeds so we can survive the judgment of our creator.  We also do not want to do wrong deeds so we can survive the times on mother earth and break loose off the karma of wrong doers. Survival is life. Survival is key. Survival is the Ultimate. 

Everything created for a purpose, was created for the purpose of survival. Standing the test of time and scaling through atrocities and eventualities. Our every being is built for survival, so why should we not take due advantage of it in our daily engagements? The will to triumph. Even plants and animals with lower mental and coordination capability to humans, survive through seasons. The struggle in the jungle is a continuous and endless survival avenue. Plants store moisture for survival in the dry season. The great legendary rapper 2pac said in his classic Changes that “when the old way isn’t working, it is on us to do what we have to do to survive”. So let’s keep surviving because the only man who isn’t entitled to survival is the man who has stopped breathing. Joy and happiness are the proceeds of true survival. “Let’s live not just to stay alive, but to survive. As we survive daily, we learn to live appropriately and the more we learn to live appropriately, the more we grow” – B. Olaniran

“Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

Let’s all have a fun filled weekend and reap the proceeds of True Survival – Joy and Happiness

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