Key to survival II – Respect

respect they say is reciprocal. When you show respect to others, they are bound to show you respect in return. this earlier expressions, go way past the imagination and reasoning of the common human mind. Respect goes way beyond uttering

greetings and pleasantries to those older than we are as at when due. This is usually the way the lay man recognises the definition of being respectfu but in reality, it surely is way more than that. The way a person shows respect to others goes a long way in putting the required smile on our faces and encouraging peaceful co-existence in our society .

Respect is key in the success of everything and anything we decide to embark on. The way we talk, our manner of approach and our mental reasoning all have something to do with our respect for ourselves and others. In family ties, friendships and relationships, it has a huge part to play in the level of our commitment and how committed we want others to be in situations that affect us. 

Some people see respect as a variable determined by age factor or status (especially in an organisational setting). This people have very poor countenance in relating with those younger than they are or those who are subordinates to them in their organisational setting. Such people are affected by a complex, be it an inferiority complex or a superiority complex. Funny enough, a huge percentage of such persons know they are suffering from this curable disease but never accept they are suffering from it. Some others readily would accept the fact that some of the success they have achieved have come to them by chance and luck but this same sets of people disrespect those below them in the same strata where they have accepted that some measure of luck has put them on top. hmmm. I wonder how a person leads without respecting his/her followers in certain ways. Younger or older. To respect someone else is to be honest with ourself, honest with our hearts and
 honest to humanity. 

A lot of us enter into new gatherings for the first time and act with a lot of respect, trying to impress people on a first meeting. I do not see anything wrong with that. After a certain period of time, when friendship has grown to a level, some get very comfortable and start lacking respect for those with whom they have shown considerable respect to in the beginning. Notably, we need to have developed and grown a certain level of mental stability to understand that every single person we know or meet deserve to be respected with their thoughts, spoken to with respect , corrected with respect and even when you need to scold and look down on them if neccessary must be done with respect. 

I will also add that an inner basic respect for one another without preference goes a long way in helping us accept the multiple differences in our cultures and traditions which we all know are things that have been automatically set down by nature from conception.

The respect for humanity has led me to write this and with all due respect to any eye or one pair of eye reading this, respecting your neighbour can be compared to doing good to your neighbour. if you respect the other man’s feelings, they are bound to respect ours but on the long run, It is unfortunate that in some part of the world like ours, we equate that to taking them for granted. 

Those of us who readily expect a negative thoughts or comments about us are usually quick to anger, insecure and sad. Let’s spend more time correcting what is wrong and spend less time finding ways to hang blames on other shoulders while our own shoulders are free.

Have a blessed and successful week..

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