Twin brothers Peter and Paul were faced with the task of getting a heavy stone to the top of a tree, using a ladder. A rope tied at one end to the stone and loose at the other end was made available for easy carriage.


Peter tied the loose end of the rope around his waist, in a manner that placed the heavy stone very close to him, so he could pull the stone with him while climbing the ladder to the top of the tree. Peter practically had the stone tied to his waist.


Paul on the other hand, held the loose end of the rope in his palms and immediately realized the rope was long enough for him to pull the heavy stone up the tree from the treetop. He decided to climb the ladder holding the other end of the rope in his palm.. Paul practically climbed the ladder alone, but kept a connection with the stone on the ground, with the rope he held in his palm.


We all know who completed his task first, right? Yea…Paul did. The only burden he carried was the burden of his own weight. On getting to the top of the tree (not so easily though), he couldn’t believe the ease with which he pulled the stone up the ladder with the rope he had in his palm. Peter struggled with the heavy stone tied to his waist. His persistence eventually got him to the top of the tree with the stone, but he spent more time than he would have imagined. Paul accomplished his task way faster than Peter did.


This story lays emphasis on the ability of the human being to easily help others AFTER they have successfully helped themselves while making sure they STAY CONNECTED with “others” – as Paul did with the stone using the rope in his palms. I strongly adhere to this working in friendships and relationships. As regards a man, it’s pretty easier to strive on your own endlessly while keeping a connection with your woman constantly. After achieving targeted goals and objectives, it’s easier to bring your woman with you just as Paul did. This doesn’t stop the man keeping a connection with his woman, or the woman being a part of her man throughout his journey.


Paul saved time and energy. Peter expended more time and energy.


Even the lioness goes hunting first, kills her prey for food, before calling her cubs for the meal. She doesn’t take them hunting.. It’s risky..and distracting


Paul maximized his potential to succeed with a moment of brilliance in his thoughts. We all have this potential in us. Let’s maximize it.


I pray the creator helps us polish and refine our potentials.


Till Next Time….



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