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The “Apple” Experience (A conversation with Apple Cont’d) III

     Whilst leaving the uncompleted version of the last post of Apple and Kane experience, I will give our readers another epic story from the Kane and Apple experience. The (Apple experience III ) will be continued shortly but here is a new experience for us. Please stay tuned while I take us through a new Kane and Apple experience ride.


On the evening of the 2nd of November 2020, Kane’s flight landed at the international wing of the airport, coming in from the Gambia. He had been away for 3 weeks straight. Quite unusual but it was more of a holiday away from home for him. For some reason he was excited on his arrival back home. He passed through the usual immigration point of entry and walked out to the arrival exit channel of the airport. Without waiting much, he could spot the driver his friend Joe had sent to pick him up. “I’m sure we can remember the same driver from the first version of (apple experience III) posted on 31st October”. The driver recognizing Kane and immediately approached him. He took Kane’s luggage for him and they exchanged pleasantries.. Kane sighed with some relief. He was half expecting to wait for a few at the airport which he dreaded badly. But fortunately, the driver’s promptness gave him some peace. They both marched towards the car park area of the airport.


Kane and the driver arrived at the SUV parked at the lot. The driver dropped off the luggage in the rear seat of the SUV. They both hopped in. The driver started the car engine and they set out of the car lot immediately.The usual lasgidi traffic was there to contend with although Kane did not feel it much as he reminisced some of the highlights of his trip to the Gambia. He enjoyed flying alone, seeing new places and meeting new people. Its my hobby he told himself without moving his lips. For some reason,in the midst of all his thoughts, Kane abruptly changed his mind about going home directly. The flight had been long and a little boring and he was jet lagged. He thought again for a few seconds and turned to the driver and said.


Kane: Please bros, I will not be going to my house directly.
Driver: Where will you want to go to sir.
Kane: Their is a hotel close to the secretariat. The one you dropped myself and Joe the night before I traveled. That’s where I’d want to go to.
Driver: Oh ok sir.


After another minute of thought, Kane said


Kane: You know what, just take me home instead. I just remembered I need to do a few things at home.
Driver: Ok sir.


Approximately 25 mins later, the driver pulled into the drive way at Kane’s apartment. He came down quickly and helped to get Kane’s luggage out of the back sit. Kane didn’t want to keep him longer since it was only a few minutes to 9 pm. He reached for his wallet, gave the driver some money in appreciation for his hospitality. The driver thanked him, hopped back into the SUV and drove out of the apartment complex. Without much thought, Kane reached for the little compartment on the side of his travel bag. He searched and reached for his car keys, approached his car which had been parked and patiently waiting for him in his apartment garage. He pushed a button on his car remote, the booth rose open and he dropped his luggage in. Kane hopped into his car, drove out of the garage and set out of the apartment complex gracefully. I don’t feel like staying at home jare. He said to himself.


The traffic was very light on his way. It was almost 9.30 pm. Kane approached the gate of the hotel. He pressed his car horn twice and the gate slid open to the left. He drove in, parked his car, picked his luggage and headed for the reception area. He walked in and the female attendant on duty who knew him smiled as he walked in. They exchanged pleasantries. The attendant was on duty the afternoon he had left for the airport. She knew he was traveling and Kane’s face regularly graced the hotel premises for some reason. Kane reached for his bag and brought out a perfume which he handed to her as a token from his trip for her. The attendant thanked him and handed him an entry card to a room. One of the waiters at the reception helped him with his bag and they approached the elevator headed for the room.


It was about 10.15 pm now. Kane put on the centralized air conditioning system in his hotel room. Well furnished and finished with a 5th floor view off the wild streets of the city. He took off all his clothes and got into the bath where he spent the next 10 mins or so. He had remembered he had not swapped his sim’s back into his cell phone while in the bathroom. He dried himself, dropped off the towel and started to unpack his bag. He got his cell phone and swapped off his sim immediately, expecting to have text messages e.t.c since it was only his folks and a few friends who knew he would be away for some time. The network beeped on his phone to signal its presence and only after a minute or so, his cell rang with a call coming in. Hmmmm he murmured. Apple came up on the cell screen. He picked up the phone and.. …. ….. …..


Kane: Hi dear. How are you doing?
Apple: Hello Kane. I’m not fine. Where have you been for ages? I have been trying to reach you like forever.
Kane: I am so sorry. I wasn’t around for some time. I traveled impromptu. I am sorry apple.
Apple: Where did you go to? You couldn’t tell me before you left. That’s not nice and its not fair.
Kane: I am sincerely sorry. I was in Gambia for a few weeks. Went to visit the Kinta Kunte family. he chuckled. trying to make something light out of the situation.
Apple: Ok. its alright. you know you always have your way. So when did you get back?
Kane: About 3 hours ago. Just got in from the airport. Your call came in immediately I swapped my sim back into my phone.
Apple: hmmm. guess I called at the right time. So are you at home now?
Kane: No im not home, I am at some hotel now. Didn’t want to stay at home so I came out here. where are you?
Apple: Im at home now. Bored. Is it the hotel where I saw you some time back close to governors house?
Kane: Yeah you are correct.
Apple: Can I come see you? I’d just drive down there. I want to see you please.
Kane: Oh ok. its fine. Let me know when you are here.
Apple: Alright dear. I’d see you soon. Don’t like driving at night but you make me do things I don’t like. apple chuckled.
Kane: Please drive safely.. see you.


Kane got up to sort other things from his bag. He got a drink from the fridge, put on the tv and relaxed on the sofa. He knew he was tired and the best thing for him was to get some sleep but he had to wait for Apple.


At the dot of 11 pm, the hotel phone rang and he obviously knew apple was around. Kane picked up and told the person on the other end of the call; ” please let her in “. He had only his boxers on. About a minute later, he heard a knock on the door. He went ahead to get it and there was beautiful apple staring right at him. It felt like a dream. She stepped in elegantly while he looked at her like he had never seen her before. Apple had a blue dress on that only ran a few inches below her butt line. Kane wondered briefly how she had come out with something so skimpy tonight. But then he remembered she only had to hop into her car and drive here to meet him. Kane shut the door and smiled at apple. She dropped her bag, came towards him and hugged him. He held her too. She whispered in that same soft voice. ” I have missed you ” while holding him closely. His palms wondered down to Apple’s bum. He felt nothing. She had no panties on. Must be a blessing in disguise he thought. He kissed her passionately, lifted her off her feet and onto the king sized bed. The night just started and it just ended at the same time. Apple received it like it was her first and Kane gave it to her like never before. They lasted for hours and both slept in the comfort of each others arms right afterwards.

Kane must have heard someone call his name from his dreams. He opened his eyes. He felt the sun rays come in through the little spaces from the window curtains. Apple was right by his side. Awake and without any clothes. He could see that she looked disturbed right through the blurriness of his own eyes. He immediately asked her what was wrong and she started… … ….

Apple: My dad just called me and he said he is downstairs beside my car. I saw a few missed calls from him and my mom before I got up and spoke to him. I didn’t want to wake you because I know you are tired but its kinda serious so I had to wake you.
Kane was surprised. His eyes lit up and he couldn’t believe his ears.
Kane: you mean he’s downstairs by your car or what? like here at the hotel?
Apple: yes. He asked me to come out to where the car is parked. I told him my friend took the car to the hotel to sleep over because she had no light at her place in school.
apparently Apple is a student.
Apple: Now my dad asked me to tell my friend who brought the car to the hotel to come out and see him so he could confirm that yes truly it is my friend who brought the car here. That’s what happened before I woke you Kane.

He could see the tears in her eyes. He knew she respected and feared her Dad who was overly protective of her from the little he had heard about daddy. Kane checked his wrist watch for the time quickly. It was 9.50 am. He looked confused himself.


To be continued.


Have a purposeful week.


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