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The “Apple” Experience (A conversation with Apple Cont’d) IV

Hello Readers, This post should have come through some 2 weeks earlier than it is now. Due to some unseen occurrences, we are only able to put it up today. Thank you for your understanding.


Good afternoon from the east. It’s the weekend of the finale of the Formula 1 grand pix in Abu Dhabi. Splendid event I must confess. A must see in a life time for every individual. Thank you all for your patience with the continuation of the apple experience post (adventure with apple). I am sure we can all comprehend with the challenges we all face with the variety of things that are encountered in our individuals life’s today.

Here is a continuation of the last post from the adventure with Apple. Please stay tuned while I take us through this ride with Apple.


Kane got up from bed abruptly not exactly sure what to think. Initially he thought apple was joking. The look in her eyes confirmed the reality of the situation. He suddenly remembered again that apple is an only child. He had never seen apple’s dad and didn’t know what he looked like but Kane could tell for sure that apple’s dad would not tolerate his daughter in a hotel with a guy. The ringer on Apple’s phone disrupted Kane’s thought again. He came back to life. It was apple’s dad calling again.

Apple: should I pick it up?
Kane: wait don’t pick it up yet. Let’s think of something you can tell him.
Apple: oh ok. Sobering quietly.

The phone ringer stopped and it felt like the doors to hell were closed again temporarily and the heat had reduced. Kane kept thinking. The phone began ringing again almost immediately. He told apple to pick up this time.

Kane: tell him you have just called your friend and she’s stepped out of the hotel to get a few things. Tell him also that she is on her way back now to see him.

Apple picked up the phone. She spoke to her Dad for a few seconds and told him what Kane told her exactly. She paused to listen to her dad for a few seconds and dropped the call.

Apple: He asked me to come meet him here at the hotel from school.

Apparently, Apple’s school was only about 10 mins away. She didn’t know what to say. Kane felt more confused although he kept his composure. He sat back on the bed. For some unknown reason, they had both been standing while she received the phone call from her Dad. She sat on his lap and tears streamed down her pretty face. Their was silence for a few seconds then Kane told apple.

Kane: what your dad is asking is difficult. I don’t know how we will do that. I am sure he will probably be waiting for you at the entrance gate and we can’t get out, talkless of having you get in to meet him.

Apple nodded in acceptance. After about 5 mins, her dad called again. She looked at Kane. He knew she became more frightened as the calls came. One of her worst fears was beginning to manifest. She asked Kane.. Should I pick?
He immediately told her to pick up and she did exactly as he said. Apple listened to her Dad quickly. Then she responded that she had not found a taxi yet that’s why she wasn’t on her way to meet with him at the hotel yet.
Apple listened for another minute or so and then the line went off.

Apple: My dad said I should wait for him in school and that he is coming to get me from my room now.
Without thinking much, she got up from his lap and started with getting her hair brushed and a few things together. Kane got up also, ready to go drop her off quickly. The plan was for him (Kane) to drop Apple off somewhere really close to her room so she could tell her Dad she had been taking a walk down until she found a taxi instead of remaining in one place. Kane knew this would work if they moved out quickly enough.

Kane and Apple were both ready to leave as quickly as they could. He opened the door to the hotel room for her to leave while he stepped out right behind her. Suddenly a thought crept into Kane’s head. A voice spoke to him quickly. ‘don’t you think it isn’t smart for you to go out with her at the same time?’. Without thinking twice, Kane asked Apple to wait behind while he went out down to the car lot first. She agreed to wait in the room without any hesitation.


Kane approached the elevator slowly while his mind raced quickly. He knew every problem had a solution if looked into critically. The elevator opened up and he stepped in. He had Apple’s car keys in his hands with his. He descended to the ground floor.

The elevator clicked with the opening sound and opened up again. He stepped out and took the left turn leading to the reception area. He came out to the reception and immediately noticed the two door men and an attendant talking to a man probably in his 50’s at the front desk. As Kane walked to the front door, he tried to pay attention to the conversation and the only thing he could hear the man in his 50’s say was ‘ my daughter’s car is parked outside here’..
Without trying to listen more, Kane noticed the man looking in his direction as he walked out the door of to the reception. It was a raining morning. Kane stepped into the rain and went straight to his car which was parked to the side of Apple’s car.

Just before he stepped into his car, he looked back at the entrance to the reception area and he saw the man in his 50’s, apparently Apple’s dad looking towards the his direction with two other men standing with him.
Wow. Kane thought.. that’s Apple’s dad trying to catch us together red handed. What a set up he spoke out loud as he entered into his car. Kane peeped back and saw the man still looking and pointing towards the direction of both cars. (his and apple’s). Kane started his car engine, took on a reverse and drove out of the hotel premises.


to be continued….


Thanks for reading and your candid patience. I’ve some pictures in the gallery from the Formula 1 event. A close race but as usual, Hamilton came out at the number 1 spot..


Let’s remember, “we need to learn from the mistakes of others because we can never have the time to make all the mistakes ourselves”


Till Next Time…..



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