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The “Apple” Experience (A conversation with Apple Cont’d) II

A special Monday to everyone of us with the gift and blessings poured by the hands of the creator onto us all. I’m sure we remember the earlier post of a conversation with an Apple in the “Apple experience”. Not wanting to leave the gist there, I decided to continue the conversation between Kane and Apple from the last post on ‘a conversation with apple’ so you can refer to that for the full story from the beginning…
Kane was surprised at Apple’s opinions and he tried to get his friend Joe involved in the conversation.. He summoned Joe’s opinion and here the story continues…
Kane: I always like Joe’s opinions.. I will like him to join us in this conversation..
Joe smiles.. Apple who never really believes in Joe’s ideas smiled too.
Apple: Joe?
Apple: Can Joe have an opinion?
Kane looked surprised at Apple’s question.
Kane:  why do you think Joe doesn’t have an opinion? he asked.
Apple: Well Joe is not really a woman type.
Kane: How do you know? Dont ever say that.. Is there anyone who doesn’t like women?  I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t like women.
Apple: Joe is a mummy’s boy..and mummy’s boys, they don’t like women..
Joe looks up surprised and told Kane to stop listening to Apple.  This Apple no sabi anything he said.  Apple smiles and continues her conversation.
Apple: Kane you are a very silent guy and you seem like a guy who would be good at having relationships more than just playing around.
Kane: Me?
Apple: Yes. I think you prefer having a girl friend instead of just sleeping around.
Kane: Hmmm well.. I dont know..
Apple looks at Joe now and says..
Apple: What I am thinking Joe, .. you know there are men in this world, When he wants to sleep with you, he will ask you “how much do you want”.. Its natural. There is no blah blah story in that one.. There are some men too, they will lie to you that they want you to be there girl friend and they will f**k you and they disappear. There are some who will tell you they want you to be there girl friend and they will f**k you and keep you. like true and true.
Kane: Yeah.. I think that’s my kind of person.
Apple: For instance, I met a guy sometime and I dated the guy for 8 months. I had sex with him on the first day.
Kane cuts her in.
Kane: Yeah I am like that too.
Apple: How?
Kane: I can meet a girl and f**k the girl and have a relationship with the girl.. I don’t think…..
Apple cuts in
Apple: The first Nigerian guy I dated, I dated him for 8 months. That guy, I had sex with him the first day I saw him. I just knew it was fun and then the next thing, we were dating..
Kane: But you know there are times when the girl thinks she and the guy are dating and..
Apple: No we were really really dating..we were seriously dating.. I knew we were dating because there are rules to the game and you know you are dating..
Kane: What kind of rules?
Apple: The things you guys do and all.
Kane: Like what?
Apple: Okay. he will always show you off to his friends that you are his girl friend.. Although I know some guys can pretend..
Kane: I have a friend that introduces all the girls I see him with as his girl friend to me. Like if he comes today, that’s his girl friend and the next day the same.
Apple: Well part of the rules is that he tells you everything and you tell him everything, He goes out with you, you guys f**k, He takes care of you.. Maybe he goes with you to the salon,He takes you to the beach.. You tell him anything and he does it for you.. You people have a conversation.. you sit down and he tells you everything. Its a relationship. Well I am not really good at relationships that’s why I don’t date.. I am just good at having sex..
Kane chuckles
Apple: I’m not good at relationships cos I know men can be jackass and moreover I love women soo….I try to balance
Kane: You love women?
Apple: Yeah I am bisexual.. I’m 60% women and 40% men.. So I can as well stay without a man in my life..
Kane laughs again..
Kane: Are you serious?
Apple: Yeah.. well sometimes I dont like giving men this my something because they think they have had it all. when he thinks he has slept with me and he disappears, its not an achievement for him. because sweetie, I have a girl friend so they should cool down there nerves abeg..
Kane: You have a girl friend?
Apple: Yes I used to but right now I dont have
Kane: Well I am not against you having a girl friend but even if you do have a girl friend, you will still need a guy..
Apple: Sweetie let me tell you I dont need a guy,Maybe I want a guy but never need.. I have never needed a man in my life before..
Kane: Oh do you mean you have never needed to f**k before
Apple: Well I get to enjoy sex more with a woman than a man.. So men are just by the way sweetie..
Kane shakes his head
Kane: Can I ask you a question? How do women enjoy having sex together? I believe they enjoy it but I am just trying to understand…. Apple cuts in
Apple: The idea is that she knows what I want and she knows herself and she knows what she likes and she does it to me..
Kane: Oh really. So I guess because she is a woman, she knows what a woman really wants…
Apple: Yeah…So you guys get together and do the sucking and the touching and then the we have the dick.. We use a plastic dick..No I mean a rubber one actually not plastic.. Its a “strap on” so you wear it on you and then you f**k like a b***h.. Its really fun like that..
Kane: Hmmm sounds interesting.
Apple with a smile on her face..
Apple: Yes it is.. Very very
Kane shakes his head again and takes a sip of his coffee.. Joe who had been shut out of the conversation by Apple shook his head in accordance with Kane while Apple packed her very long hair together still smiling…..
To be continued…
Well readers, you will be surprised at the number of things going on behind closed doors when two people of same sex are behind closed doors.. LOL.. Fortunately or unfortunately, the things that are unknown to us are more than the things known to us.  
Starting the week on a mild note with an Apple and hoping the sun shines down all through the week with the right temperature for the body and soul..
Till Next Time…

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