The "Apple" Experience

A conversation with Apple (EPISODE 1)

It is funny how we meet people on a daily basis without realizing how much connection we have with them in reality. It is also very astonishing to realize how much ideas are circulating in the minds of various individuals in this fascinating world. I would love to think if we have a world with 7 billion people, then we have 7 billion ideas circulating around the various minds of each individual. Of course, I also recognize that people share similar ideas and similar interests in reasoning. 

During one of my travel escapades, I wasn’t eavesdropping on the conversation between a certain Kane (Gentleman) and Apple (Lady) but I would say their conversation just came to meet me. They sat directly in front of me in our little front section of the plane. I couldn’t tell what kind of relationship they had, but they were engaged in a very cordial discourse.  For someone who would chill and probably read a book, it was another way to relax and just hear people converse.  I do not intend to sound like this is a kind of ‘ameebo’ (gossip) thing, so I will share the first words that I heard this particular Kane and Apple utter, just so you understand what got my attention and why it indeed got my attention.. 

Kane: So what do you call it? 
Apple: it’s not ashewo (prostitution) it is appreciation.. you cannot be doing osho-free (free sex) with peoples daughters.

I chuckled, I couldn’t laugh because it would sound awkward but I must confess my heart did laugh crazily. 

Apple sighed jokingly after she said that. then she continued to express herself. 

Apple: Don’t you know it is not fair.. Why would a man just sleep with a girl and he will not give her any money when she is leaving in the morning. Not even 2000 naira for her cab. Na wa o. That one no good o. Not even anything? Apple laughs..
Kane: Wait. I am not debating if it is weird or not for you to sleep with a man and he doesn’t give you money.. but what I am asking is… Are you saying the man must to give the woman money every time? 
Apple: For me, I don’t mind him giving me money every time.. You know we are all different.
Kane laughs..
Kane: Even me, if I go somewhere and I f**k a girl and she gives me maybe 5million Naira every time I sleep over.. For instance.. Do you think I will not keep going there to f**k her every day? 
Apple: Ofcourse you will..
Kane: Exactly everybody likes to be given money
Apple: Yes I agree.. Like I have a guy friend.. I was speaking with him the other day. He is having one sugar mommy and she is really giving him money. 
Kane: Yeahhhh..
Apple: Let me tell you something Kane, it’s not like when you sleep in a man’s house every time he has to give you money but at least for a first time.. 
Kane: Well, I think for some people…. from the way I see it, I think it depends on the person. I’d use myself as an example. For instance the way my brain works is. whenever somebody comes to see me, whether we f**k or not, I’d still give the person thanks for coming money. You know there are people like that…
Apple interrupts quickly..
Apple: You’d give her 5k…. 10k…. How much? 
Kane: Yeah.. I really don’t know but I would say that is the way I am. Maybe I got that somewhere or maybe that’s the way we are where I come from..
Apple: So 5k……. 10k…… ? 
Kane: lol.. I don’t know. You can be happy some times and you give money according to your mood. It’s not like there is a fixed sum you give. 
Apple: Nice.. So what now happened? what do you think of men who don’t give money? 
Kane: Yeah that’s why I said some people don’t give…. it’s not because they don’t want to give, but it’s because they don’t know they are supposed to give. that’s the truth.
Apple: I knoww
Kane: I want you to know that there are some people like that .. If you ask them, they’d give but they are probably just waiting for you to ask them first..
Apple: So you have to ask? 
Kane: Yes
Apple: But some people if you ask after he has had sex with you, he takes you like you are a prostitute or something..
Kane: Well.. that’s why I said it depends on the person really. 
Apple: So which one do you think is the best way? 
Kane: I think you just have to study the kind of person first. Yeah I know that’s like hard because it’s not like you have to start waiting for weeks trying to study the person…
Apple: You will now start waiting for weeks before you know if someone has money?? 
Kane: Lol. I am enjoying this conversation like seriously…  

Kane turned to his right where his friend Joe sat reading the free duty sale hand book with a small bottle of red wine clutched in his palm.
Kane: I think I would like Joe to hear this conversation too. I always like to hear his opinions on issues generally.

Joe who had been listening to some of the conversation turned and smiled interestingly.


What’s your personal take on Apple’s point of view on a lady getting something after sleeping with a gentleman?


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