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Greetings to every eye reading this today and be thankful as it is a privilege to be present on mother earth at this moment. Sometimes I wonder how much work has been done on earth by mother earth to get it to where it is today. If we look from the perspective of human experiences on earth, we can imagine how much of work has been done by her (earth) to create the vastness of an existence where no two humans can have exactly the same experiences on her. 

I am assuming mother earth has been doing most of the difficult and unimaginable work we see in the world around us today and for me, this are signs that from the beginning of time, we humans cannot run from the essence and benefits of hard work. More often than none, some other  people will say luck plays a part in this but in reality, how much luck will we need in order to have consistent success on mother earth. The truth remains that whether we are working smart, working slow or working fast, hard work is very key and it is a core ingredient for consistent success in whatever our endeavor is on mother earth.

I am sure almost anyone reading this already knows that nothing comes easy and that hard work is non-negotiable. My emphasis here is how many of us are actually putting in as much hard work as we should and how many of us are putting in as much hard work as our body actually allows us to put in? It takes more than just word of mouth to achieve the results of hard work and most of all to know the amount of hard work we need to put into a particular endeavor to realize our specific objectives and goals. 

There is no life without work and like a friend of mine will say, there is no life without grind. Patience, hard work and determination is key and they all work hand in hand. Patience without hard work will be pointless just like determination without hard work is futile. It is important that we put in the right amount of work and not just putting in work but be determined enough to exercise the required patience to finish our work till its completed successfully. 

Surely mother earth must be very patience, hardworking and determined and from my opinion, probably the hardest worker that ever existed. Remember, Something good can be achieved in one day but great things can only be achieved with consistency in more than just one day.. 

What’s your opinion on who is the hardest worker that ever existed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

May we all rip the fruits of our patience, hard work and determination. 

Thank you for your time.


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