The inner mind’s outer minds

The feelings of the outer minds goes a long way in determining the thought processes we encounter inside us. Our inner minds also relate to us in a very similar manner. Speaking to us in a softer tone, probably in our own voice, trying to tell us what their thoughts are about things related to us. WE have always been made to believe in the things that come from the inside of us, simply because they come from the inside of our own body and soul. It (i.e the inner mind) is expected to tell us the truth and see things from our own perspective in a way that supports our own reasoning.  I’m sure we all know what comes out of our inner minds and how much power we have in it.  My inner mind is my inner peace and it brings forth my natural peace; hopefully it will be coming from a mind that is not too naive to have a thought process coming from a perspective valid enough for the purpose of its own peace and not to the minds own destruction. 

Outer minds usually would come in various voices, tones and sounds. Sometimes we ask to hear them and other times they speak to us on their own free will; they could speak to us knowingly and unknowingly. The outer mind could take any form it so wishes because most times it comes from the feelings of another inner mind which is not seen nor felt by our own inner mind. it could take the form of truth, deceit, favor, love, care, hate e.t.c. whatever feelings you can think of really. The beauty of the thoughts of the outer mind to us lies in two facts, one is that it can be overlooked or could be put aside while the other fact is that it is usually not stronger than the will coming from the inner mind belonging to a believer in their own thought process and one who is determined for a peaceful existence of their own being… The outer minds can bring about this peace too when coming in for the right course. 

How can one not listen to their inner minds speaking to them? How does one ignore the thoughts of their inner mind? Hmm. Like trying to control what the eyes can see once we open them or trying not to breath when breathing is inevitable.  You can sit down and listen to the inner mind and sometimes let it do the dictating. You can stand up and listen closely to the outer mind and let it control what my inner mind dictates in accordance to the tastes of the world. The mixture could drive one knots sometimes and other times it could seem the ideal mix. The outer mind sometimes would not be understood but the inner mind always comes clear in its own way from our inside. In contrast, the inner mind sometimes doesn’t give us the hold we need and more often than none, this is where the outer mind can grasp us and give us some solace. We can only pray,wish and hope for an inner mind that will direct and an outer mind that will be correct. 

Sometimes I wonder if the world itself was created on the thoughts of only the inner mind of the creator or with a combination of the thoughts of outer minds that must have been existing. The inner mind indicates us and ourselves. Its difficult to find which to go with at times but we need to remember that whichever it is we go with, its our choice to go with it. 

Life is all about decisions. When we choose it, we have to live it. 

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