Too much of everything

May the peace and blessings of the Almighty be on us. Happy Friday morning. It’s been a gruesome week but thank God for God. With so many occurrences in the world where we and our generations will continue to exist, the realization of the effects of our deeds to us as individuals is very vital to the success of generations to generations. 

Yesterday was a very crazy day with so many things locking heads together like dreads. On getting back home, I decided to have something to drink to ease the stress and eventually I had too much to drink. I woke up this morning really late with a headache and on checking my cell, I figured I had missed out on something new because I had too much to drink and got affected. I felt hurt again and then I remembered the old saying “too much of everything will hurt you”

I decided to share with us a number of things that makes up “everything” in the earlier old saying. We need to take caution in everything we do so we don’t do things excessively. Just like an old saying is translated, ” when you do things more than you should, you get more than what you bargained for.. So here….

Too much of everything will hurt you, but knowing a little of everything is very thoughtful;
Too much of sweet sugar, will give you diabetes; 
Too much of alcohol consumption, will lead to liver disease; 
Too much of eating, will make you add excessive weight;
Too much of sex, will make you impotent on the long run; 
Too much of worrying, will make you hypertensive;
Too much of smoking, will give you lung disease/cancer ;
Too much of laughing, will make you look like an unserious fellow;
Too much women in a man’s life, will lead him to destruction;
Excessive sleeping; will make you lazy and redundant;
Too much of late nights, will affect your days; 
Too much of make-up, will make one look artificial;
Too much reading, will makes the brain feel congested; 
Too much work out, will make the body feel rigid on the long run; 
Too much hate, will lead to wars and catastrophes; 
Too much of love could hurt you; 
A lot of tears would make you look sick ;
Too much pain would end your life; 
Too much pampering of kids would affect them;
A life of too much struggle, will make you age quickly;
Too much of drugs, would kill you; 
Everyday stealing, will land you in jail;
Too much work and no play makes jack a dull boy; 
All play and no work makes jack a stupid boy too; 
Too much of the social media, will get you out of tune with the real world; 
Too many tasks handled together makes you a master of none; 
Too much of sunlight on the skin changes the skin color; 
Too many sexual partners could lead you to STD’s;
Too many enemies could ruin your career;
Too many friends, will expose you to personal damage; 
Taking religion too far turns you to a fanatic; 
Too much of being a joker makes you seem unserious; 
Too much exposure to cold weather gives you pneumonia; 
Expecting too many free things makes you an “oshofree”;
Too much noise would destroy the ear drum; 
Too much quietness could dull you, 
Too much of negative thoughts would slow your life down.

Well just like the old saying too much of everything will hurt you, I couldn’t help but share my thoughts with us. Too much of some things can and will never hurt you really.. 
For me ‘too much of oxygen intake will never hurt you’. 

So for our readers, please share with us the things you feel wouldn’t hurt even if you do or have to do too much of it.. 

A man who does things in appropriate proportion will live life appropriately in good portions.. (B. Olaniran) 

Give your thoughts. 

I wish us all a great weekend and hope the creator gives us the privilege to finally feel the wind whenever it blows…

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