Unconditional Love

Hello there, Its been a very long week from this end. Its a week day and it feels like the end of the week. I’m probably still perceiving the scent of the last weekend in the air . Crisis never ceases to end for a day in today’s world and I have been indulged to follow some of the latest occurrences in the world lately. The news and details are everywhere so they are quite unavoidable especially if you are someone interested in knowing how some things occur and what makes those things happen in our world today.
I heard this morning that the US and 5 other Islamic states have launched air strikes on Islamic State targets in the eastern region of Syria. Majority of us know them as ISIS. I personally have not paid much attention to the ISIS crisis since its inception but when something keeps being repeated continuously on our television screens and medias, it is only natural to have this things get stuck to the body like a tattoo. At least once I hear ISIS now, I remember I have heard about them somewhere before now. I have also seen some interviews lately on the Cable News Network (CNN) with people like the former British Prime minister Mr Tony Blair on the ISIS crisis. One of the most interesting parts of the ISIS crisis to me is that a lot more people can now see a clearer view of situations relating to some Arab nations. The discussion of the ideology that ‘terrorist acts’ is an Islamic thing has been overshadowed by the discussions of so called ‘terrorist acts’ as an act prompted by personal, business and economic interests. After all, death tolls of killings have recorded that both Muslims and non-Muslims have been killed.. More so, some of us must have heard the name ISIS change to ISIL recently in the media. I cant help but wonder what the sudden change meant; but from the look of things I wonder if the whole of Syria is being excluded in a way from the new war since the name ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ (ISIS) suddenly changes to ‘Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant'(ISIS). The Levant is a larger area of the Middle East that actually includes Lebanon and Jordan in addition to Syria. Well whatever reason they have for it, I’m sure its a good one.

The week has also graced the opening of the 69th United Nations General Assemebly (UNGA) Meeting with major world leaders in attendance and debating issues concerning the various countries. I have mentioned the general assembly here because I am sure a lot of us do not pay any attention to things like the UNGA. I would employ that we pay attention to some of this things and listen to the things our world leaders have to say about past, ongoing and future situations.
Sometimes one would imagine where the regular/basic man fits into the General Assembly meetings but yes when we listen to people like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, you will learn something from a different side of the usual stories that our ears are used to listening to. At least from a little experience, it is best to weigh the two sides of the coin in every situations. The president of our Nigeria is also in attendance at the UNGA in New York city. Guess that might be a reason for some of us to pay a little more attention. I also heard the Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries(OPEC) listed Nigeria as earning a revenue of $40billion in the last 6 months. Nigeria is the fourth highest earner to Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia who are 3rd, 2nd and 1st highest earners in the last 6 months respectively. It is good news and I pray it goes for the good of us all.

Not withstanding, all of these things happening at the fore front of our world today, The concept of Love can not be taken away even in the midst of crisis. Love for humanity, love for change, love for hope, love for people can be referred to on the bigger picture while love for ourselves, love for family, love for partners and love to do good can be referred to in a smaller picture. Man has always believed in Love. The emphasis placed on Love from stories of the past generations can never be over estimated or over emphasized. The expected results from world meetings and conflict resolutions is obviously targeted at getting the world to be in peace and harmony. I doubt if such peace and harmony can be achieved without the concept of Love among people and nations not withstanding the race, tribe, language and culture. At least speaking from the definition of Love which we know about. The concept of Love has been killed with the deciet of people from those who intentionally hide in the shadows of love to reach and achieve their own personal cause. I am speaking from the reality attached to love and from a realistic point of view. Asides from the deciet that comes with the idea of Love, a host of other issues such as gains and losses now accompany love as a whole in modern day. In the lay man’s terms, some say it is blind. Others say that Love is just a feeling and it can be compared to joy, tears, laughter and other feelings that come for some time and could leave whenever they so wish.

I cant exactly point out the reason why I have decided to write about Love this morning.. Probably because the gravity pulled down by hatred, wars and crisis in today’s world has had an adverse psychological effect on the mind; therefore, making the feel of love more pronounced and important in dealing successfully and also achieving peace and stability in our immediate environment and among nations.
The strongest of men crave love in their minds innermost and sacred places and in the darkest times of the night. It is the nature of the concept of love embedded in the human’s design by the creator. Truly, the only reason why humans crave the feeling to love and be loved is because it does exist and is real in the true sense of it.

Coming down to individuality and common scenarios of love in everyday, I have also noticed that love could come in the form of conditions or unconditional. A lot of us attach conditions to loving those who we claim to have this strong deep feelings of love for. This is what I mean by love coming in the form of conditions. To elaborate more on this, we have a host of people who would definitely love you and give the feeling of love out to you easily and freely as long as they can ‘attach a reason to love’ or in another phrase ‘give themselves a reason to love’. So many of us never know how deep we’ve got into this until we fully are. Whatever the condition attached to love is, it doesn’t make it come natural and automatically is doesn’t flow in with our nature. Looking around about it logically and truthfully, it is very difficult to differentiate between unconditional and conditional love.. However it is, love is a special thing and comes with a special feeling. Some over emphasize it while others under-rate it.. I will not say much about the un-conditional side of love because in the truth and light of unconditional love, it is very scarce.

The world needs love and love defines nature. Nature defines the beginning of our time and nature was built on love. Love involves caring, sharing, working and doing things together. Nature defines that perfectly with the heavenly bodies working together to give the world its natural sweet and romantic feel. However we see it, I would employ us to love and accept the feeling whether it is conditional or unconditional. The feeling is great as I have read and it is one of the masters of feelings. Everyone is entitled to feel it in the best of ways at least once in a life time.
Please share with us what you feel about unconditional love and how we can be sure that what is presented to us is unconditional love. We will be surprised at how many of us need and are in need of recognizing unconditional love. Like the love of nature, I believe unconditional love can give us a better life and keep the world at peace when we stop attaching conditions to our feelings. Though how easily can this be achieved..

Thanks you for spending some of your time reading..

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